Neolith® – The Secret Ingredient for a Modern Kitchen

From a young age, Jean Pierre Pastor knew he wanted to be a chef. Inspired by his mother’s great cooking, he cultivated a passion for food early in life and ultimately realised his dream: opening his first restaurant in 2000, La Fata Bema.

Fine Balance

This youthful yet sophisticated contemporary family dwelling is set in a north-facing cove on Sydney’s vast natural harbour. The site borders a recreational park and a public pier that juts out into the bay; this element forms one axis for the site, whilst a pristine beach directly in front of the site, forms another.

Celebration of Layers

This Fresnaye property of 600 square metres held a close connection to architect Ben Kotlowitz who had previously completed a major renovation on the existing double-storey house some 12 years previously. A prerequisite was to maximise the views out to the ocean and to Lion’s Head at the rear.

History Rewritten

‘This was the first section of Zimbali to be developed and sold. The design code for the estate was influenced by the tropical architecture of the Far East because of the similarity in climate and to a certain extent the building materials.

Neolith® Awash with beauty

Traditionally a functional space, the role of the bathroom has extended to include personal sanctuary, encouraging relaxation and tranquillity. Neolith® places cleanliness next to good design in bathrooms

Axis of Symmetry

Jaime Beriestain’s concept from the outset was to create a grand apartment in the Parisien ‘Axis of Symmetry’ Haussmann style

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