location: Mexico City, United Mexican States | architecture: Ezequiel Farca + Cristina Grappin | interior design: Ezequiel Farca + Cristina Grappin | photography: Jaime Navarro

EF + CG have offices in Los Angeles, Milan and Mexico City with over 30 interdisciplinary employees. This is a renovation project where the original structure had existed for 25 years. As it evolved, the architects ended up demolishing almost 80 percent of the old house and focused on creating holistic spaces through an intricate approach to each part of the whole. The studio specialises in product and interior design, and architecture.

Drawing inspiration from their Mexican heritage, the firm collaborates with traditional artisans to create a palette of natural materials that are at once timeless and universal. Comfort and warmth are present in each of the projects they design. Notable among these are a lifestyle theatre complex in San Diego, a Mezcal bar located in a landmark building in Oaxaca and a luxury yacht for Benetti. The firm has completed over 80 residential and commercial projects to date.

With a beautiful Magnolia tree at the exterior entrance, this residence spans 766 square metres under roof. Says architect Ezequiel Farca: ‘There was a need to rearrange spaces, improve spatial flow and create views and vistas, while increasing the amplitude and generating a connection between interior and exterior.’

For the full article see Habitat #275 January / February 2020 | Habitat Online #6 February / March 2020

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