location: Rancho Mirage, Riverside County, California, USA | architects: Stuart Silk Architects | interior design: Maison Inc. | landscape architecture: Anne Attinger | photography: David Papazian

Originally built in the 1960s, the challenge for the architects on this project was how to update a mid-century modern house without sacrificing its charm. Situated on a 1.3-acre site perched on a plateau above Coachella Valley, the rugged, inhospitable Santa Rosa Mountains rise immediately from the back garden. The almost 600-square metre house sits roughly in the middle of the property; entry is off the driveway and through a private courtyard.

The client’s goals were to create an open and light-filled home that maximised views of the Coachella Valley below and the Santa Rosa mountains to the south and west. They also wanted to create a fluid connection between the primary indoor rooms and the outdoor terraces for both entertaining and casual outdoor living with their young children.

‘The horizontality of this single storey, flat roof home provides an elegant response to the site and a counterpoint to the drama of the surrounded Santa Rosa Mountains,’ says architect Stuart Silk. ‘By further integrating the house with its desert context, it has captured a sense of place in making the best possible use of light and landscape. Its rich palette of materials and textures banishes any feeling of austerity, while awakening the senses to provide a wonderful living experience.

For the full article see Habitat #275 January / February 2020 | Habitat Online #6 February / March 2020

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