habitat-magazine-editor-colinIn the lifestyle magazine sector it’s been said that if you don’t reinvent yourself every four years you disappear down the WC. In South Africa, this market niche continues to develop with home interest / lifestyle LMS 10 magazines.

So what makes Habitat a first choice for both the end user reader and advertisers?  Primarily because Habitat remains an innovative, one-of-a-kind publication featuring upmarket local & international interior design in addition to outstanding international & local architecture.

Habitat’s content concentrates on upper echelon contemporary interior décor & design – in addition to art & architecture. Further, our role is also dedicated to embracing the lifestyle of those who enjoy these disciplines. Thus, wine & food, plus high-end motoring are complimentary sections in each issue.

Upwardly mobile young South African adults, in particular, enjoy global modernism in architecture, interior design & décor, our function being to showcase these disciplines.

We believe that change is positive & that waving a flag for modernism & current trends is where we should be positioned. Our professionally rendered international signature will remain & develop further as content is updated bi-annually.

Habitat – we don’t follow trends, we set them.