Ongoing evolution at Flexform inspired the decision to present new products in Cologne, via awareness of the great importance of the German market for international business. In an updated, luminous and elegant setting, some interesting new developments are presented at Flexform: the new Twins sofa bed, a variation of the Lario sofa, and a revision of the Eden sofa bed.

At the booth in Cologne, the islands coherently conveyed the image and the product range, replicating the bright and subtle colours of the new display format presented at the Salone di Milano 2015, with floors in pale stone, wooden lamps with a Nordic look and a warm, welcoming, comfortable atmosphere.

The new Twins sofa bed is designed by Giulio Manzoni, and is the first Flexform product to offer the possibility of two single beds instead of one double bed. Twins has essential lines, with an upholstered back and a patented mechanism to permit easy extraction and preparation of the two beds. Four back cushions contain the two duvets and two pillows required to transform the sofa in the evening into two fully outfitted twin beds. This is an effective solution that has also been applied to the Eden sofa bed (designed by Antonio Citterio in 2010) with its original chassis-back covered in cowhide.

The Lario sofa, one of the firm’s success stories in 2015, now offers a new storage armrest covered in cowhide, to replace the traditional armrest. This detail – an armrest that can function as a table or bookcase – is part of Flexform’s stylistic signature, further enhancing the model, already a favourite for its clean lines and the invisible mechanism for lengthening the seat without compromising the aesthetic rigour of the design.

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