location: Florence, Italy | architecture: Lorenzo Grassi – [email protected] | interior design: Lorenzo Grassi | photography: Francesco Bedini

Situated in the historic centre of Florence, the building complex is called Palazzo al Canto di Sant’Anna. It features frescoes in the vaulted entrance portico of religious themes (such as: The Creation of Eve and Noah’s Ark), and is based on late Renaissance archetypes. These suggest that the space was originally part of an ancient convent, probably dedicated to Saint Anna, whose tabernacle was erected nearby.

The size and measurement of the living area is 260 square metres on a plot of just 160 square metres. Says project architect Lorenzo Grassi: ‘Most recently the space had been used as an industrial laboratory and then as an art academy. The clients’ requirement was that it be transformed into a luxurious private residence, which would retain the historical architectural features combined with a modern, articulated cutting-edge interior.

‘One vital criteria was to maximise the existing space in the projected living area by exploiting the unusually high ceilings found in the pointy roof structure. Another prerequisite was to create an outdoor retreat among the Florentine rooftops and to introduce balanced natural light throughout the open spaces.

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