location: Manhattan, NYC | interior design: Geoffrey Bradfield / Roric Tobin | photographs: Sargent Photography 

The living room ceiling soars, an architectural expression of ‘compression and release’. A concept pioneered by the eminent Frank Lloyd Wright, its intention is to create a feeling of awe when moving from an introductory vestibule into a larger space beyond. That is precisely the feeling elicited here when passing from entrance foyer to living room – the effect is exhilarating. The ceilings immediately extend to almost four and a half metres to engender a space of regal volume: the drama the designer achieved within is nothing short of spectacular.

One is enveloped within an ethereal cloud kingdom like those in Japanese ukiyo-e paintings, sequestered high above the quotidian world and surrounded by beauty. Bradfield wanted to elaborate on the sense of living amidst the clouds.

He mirrored the south wall, creating a surrounding panorama and designed a shaped area rug that evokes the fleeting, streaming movements of the skies. A pale blue and white palette exaggerates this further. He continues this signature by incorporating whimsical art into the collective symphony of materials and composition.

For the full article see Habitat #252 March / April 2016