location: Highlands Estate, Cape Town | architecture: GSQUARED Architects | interior design: GSQUARED Interiors | photography: Johann Lourens

It was cellular in planning, which meant that no interior spaces had a dialogue with one another. The brief to the architects was to create a gallery environment in which to live.

They recall: ‘The owner has a serious passion for art – mostly contemporary – which has been collected over decades; the layout had to provide the possibility to showcase these pieces and interchange them over time. A second prerequisite involved the views offered from within, which were to be enjoyed as much as possible. Lighting was another important element during both day and night, and most lighting – besides those luminaires used for art – is diffused light.

‘The challenge was to remove as many walls as structurally possible, but also to create a degree of privacy within. During construction, a void was discovered below the timber floor boards, which allowed the creation of additional space. But it also involved a rearrangement of the interior spaces; essentially, everything needed to be shuffled around within the shell. There were no specific problems in this procedure.

For the full article see Habitat #252 March / April 2016