Italian manufacturer Edra produces pieces that go beyond trends to create a strong tactile and emotional impact. These designs incorporate sensual values that respond to contemporary lifestyle changes and enhance the user experience. Built on a tradition that combines the Italian design heritage with modern technology and careful research into new materials, Edra relies on the craftsmanship of sophisticated manual skills plus inventive, creative talent to produce one-of-a-kind works. Materials used are charged with visual, tactile and emotional power. Observing the change of habits, Edra establishes new relations between body and objects and is inspired by a continuous quest for high performance, new forms and new materials. Their sofas and furniture adapt to many different environments, traditional or contemporary homes, public spaces and museums around the world. This led Edra to be recognised as an established trademark and a reference point for international design; and today, an array from their collection is now available at Casarredo.

The Ella chair is designed by Jacopo Foggini: similar to a flower, the Ella chair has a black stem, while the corolla of petals comprises transparent colours and soft green and blue hues as a vivacious and original mix. Ella is entirely handmade in polycarbonate, and is supported by a pedestal that allows seat rotation. The form varies slightly in back height, width, shape, ‘dust and imperfections’, colour and distribution of matter – making each piece unique as it is shaped by hand.

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