location: Atholl, Johannesburg, SA | architect: Werner van der Meulen – www.nicovdmeulen.com | photography: Barend Roberts and David Ross

Located within the leafy suburb of Atholl in northern Johannesburg is this new contemporary build from Nico van der Meulen Architects. Designed by architect Werner van der Meulen, it encapsulates luxury, comfort and functionality in a minimalist architectural setting.

The clients owned an existing, modest, single-storey, pitched roof house with limited views and access to the garden. This resulted in a dark interior and their brief to the architects was to transform this structure into a light-filled, open plan contemporary home. Ensuring that every room would be naturally lit became the major challenge for Werner van der Meulen. He proved that it was possible.

A framework of steel columns and beams surround the entrance, while louvered planes conceal the four garages and floating roofs. It’s as if each plane – whether wall, roof or floor – has been intentionally treated differently either in material, texture or colour; to create a unique entrance design. Upon arrival, a suspended steel-framed cube hovers in mid-air and the frameless glass pivot door welcomes the arrived into a minimalist yet homely entrance hall.

Full article appears in #250 November / December 2015 issue.